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Sixlight Release “Sick Again” Video

SixlightRock quintet Sixlight has released their new music video and single “Sick Again.” The new single comes from the group’s forthcoming album set to release this spring. Blending catchy radio friendly hooks with standout vocals has these former active duty marines and newly formed band on the right track to the active rock world.

Sixlight orginally formed in 2014 after three of the five founding members completed their enlistments in the Marines. While in the Marines, Curtis Martin (guitar), Nick Tekampe (vocals) and Ian Collins (guitar) met and immediately connected with musical tastes. This later grew into the idea of their next mission, Sixlight.

“The concept behind ‘Sick Again’ was to put into words the mental struggle of addiction to an abusive relationship or substance. The lyrics describe the feeling of relapsing into the same destructive habits you know are killing you, but enjoying the high and giving in to temptation just to ease the pain. Everyone struggles with right and wrong when finding themselves and we keep making the same crippling choices over and over. ‘Sick Again’ is the hard hitting dark anthem for anyone who has ever felt like a slave to addiction.” – Vocalist, Nick Tekampe

Created by three friends and former Marines, who met while stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. Immediately connecting, their collective desire to make an impact on today’s modern Rock genre led them to start navigating the many different challenges to be found in the industry today.

As each member looked to make a name for himself individually, by working with a few start up bands, those collaborative rock & metal projects soon fell by the wayside. As fate would have it the three Marines, staying true to their mission, found themselves back together once again. As 2014 rolled around, their enlistments complete, they were released from active duty. They quickly began laying the foundation to bring their own unique sound to the current rock scene.

The three original members, Curtis Martin (guitar), Nick Tekampe (vocals) and Ian Collins (guitar) unwavering in their determination, efforts and creativity, began building a sound all their own. As 2016 ushered in, the much needed arrival of seasoned drummer Travis Sharp and Bassist/Back Up Vocalist Rob Endling rounded out the Sixlight lineup.

With all the pieces in place, it is now easy to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for these five musicians. Through their belief in each other, coupled with continued hard work and determination, they know that they will one day be an unstoppable force in rock music.

“Sick Again” is available to purchase on iTunes and all other online music retailers.

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