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Review: Zørormr – ‘The Aftermath’ EP

You may not have heard of one man Polish Black Metal project Zørormr (masterminded by the hugely talented Moloch, formerly of Dark Ambient project IA Serpentor), particularly given the huge amount of high quality Metal that comes from Poland, but if you consider yourself a Black Metal fan, then believe me, you need to!

His latest limited edition EP, ‘The Aftermath’, out on Via Nocturna, follows three full lengths, and embraces the glory of eighties metal, with a respectful nod in the general direction of Rotting Christ and Naglfar.

‘The Aftermath’ is a generously lengthy, six track EP. The first four tracks were laid down more recently, with the addition of two older tracks harking back to the time of the project’s conception in 2010/11. All are of an equally high quality, but they also serve to demonstrate the path of progression that the Zørormr sound is taking, moving away from the raw, dark, ambient, to a hugely atmospheric yet crushingly blackened sound.

On ‘The Last Judgement’, the mix of simple yet powerful drum rhythms, haunting keys, and blackened riffs are ripped apart by the arrival of the superbly vitriolic and scathing blackened vocals, which makes for a straightforward yet hugely effective and atmospheric track, made all the better by the second half lead work, that builds and gathers superbly.

Opening with haunting clean guitar that builds ominously, ‘The Crawling Chaos’ turns darker with the arrival of the vocals, which are superb, as they are throughout. They’re precisely delivered with excellent definition of the lyrics, which is a bonus given the powerful content. The pace is slow and morose for the first half, but the tempo ramps up with the arrival of more superb lead work midway, which really comes into its own towards the end of the track. Crushing, hypnotic riffing is punctuated by precise drumming, and completed by a superb haunting, soaring guitar on ‘The Adversary’. Check it out above. The last of the more recent tracks, another precisely delivered offering, ‘The Aftermath’. This is a real stand out track for me. I absolutely love the discordant piano here, to such an extent, I may go as far as to say it’s the best use of piano/keyboards I have heard on a Metal track in quite a while… if not ever! It’s haunting, atmospheric, and wonderfully uncomfortable.

The first of the two older tracks, ‘Arise Cthulhu, Arise!’ (from 2011), is much more raw in sound, and is a fitting tribute to the Lovecraftian creation himself. Going back further to 2010, we have the final track, the eponymous Zørormr, which is a superb mix of the raw and the dark ambient, demonstrating just how the blackened phoenix that is Zørormr rose from the grey ember that was IA Serpentor. As mentioned earlier, this is a limited edition, so if you want a copy, act quickly, and click HERE. It won’t be available for long. There are only 510 copies, and when it’s gone… well, you’ll just have to read this and weep!!

Review: Jools Green

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