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Review: You Win Again Gravity – ‘Anonymity’

You Win Again GravityThe debut album from British technical post-hardcore outfit You Win Again Gravity is an extension of where previous EP ‘What’s Left Of The Distance’ left off last year. The three tracks that featured on the EP, ‘A Lack Of Clarity’, ‘Seamless’ and ‘Swept To The Waves and Lost’ all feature on ‘Anonymity’, with five other new tracks thrown in. With Kerrang Radio coming on board by plugging current single ‘Grace & Focus’, the timing is perfect for You Win Again Gravity to capitalise on this exposure. ‘Anonymity’ might be a mini-album of sorts, but with each track hitting four minutes plus, and the crushing title track reaching seven, it’s actually quite expansive. It does take a few listens to appreciate every nuance, as is the case with most albums from a band with “technical” in their description. Progressive in places, brutal in others, it certainly blows the cobwebs off. Opening track ‘Phonetics’ is a musical head swim, with constant changes in pace as the math elements of the band shine through. The vocals change from crystal clear clean vocals to more hardcore growls in a few places, but it’s the ever changing music that stands out. The softer interlude is fleeting, and the way the fade out melts into ‘Grace & Focus’ is sublime. ‘Grace & Focus’ has a floating intro that grows into a banger of a track. The harsh vocals give it an added shot of adrenaline before it settles down again with hypnotic clean vocals from Jack Jennings.

Of the three previously available tracks, ‘Seamless’ especially stands out with its numerous twists and turns. After the sweeping majesty of ‘Swept To The Waves And Lost’ the closing duo of ‘A Sullen Sketch’ and the title track take the listener on an eleven minute journey of many contrasts. The playing is, at times, staggering as You Win Again Gravity mix it up mid song, taking on what sounds like a free-form jam session. The guitar work during these three or four minutes is magical, totally non-fussy and without any histrionics. Put a gun to my head, and I’ll tell you that this is the stand out track on the album.

‘Anonymity’ is available now. More details on You Win Again Gravity’s Bandcamp or on Facebook. 

Review: Dave Stott


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