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Review: This Years Ghost- 'Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow Today'

This Years Ghost, are based in London, but front man and founder, Paul McKenzie, made his way south from Edinburgh to put together his dream band. Jake Tellinghusen on drums, Joe Kusionowicz on bass and Aaron Curse on guitar making up that band. This EP was relesed in November of 2015 when This Years Ghost were a three piece, with Aaron joining shortly after.

A new video taken from the EP featuring the track ‘December Sun’ and this shows off the four piece line up. It may be track number two on the EP, but as it is the latest release it is as good a place to start as any. A frantic intro gets us underway before being taken into a much moodier verse. There are hints of Soundgarden, with a modern metal touch, plenty of melody in the vocals, and an anthemic chorus. There is almost a hint of some symphonic rock in there as well, no one in particular I can put my finger on, but its there nonetheless. The video itself is well shot with some interesting imagery, twists and turns. This Years Ghost’s live energy is well represented, and they are, for sure, going on my list of bands to go see.

‘Death Of A Gift’ weaves a path of melodic, heavy guitars, intertwined with superb vocal melodies. There are some clever songwriting tricks that show a real mature side to how This Years Ghost put their songs together. They are not afraid to change it up in the course of a song, and go from section to section of the track with an ease and flow that really impresses the musician part of me. ‘Carry Us In Blue’ carries on the musical goodness in the same vein, that said, no two of the tracks are alike, they all stand by themselves. Again, the harmony and melody, almost hidden beneath the powerhouse delivery, leads us through the track as though being told a story.

‘Silver Tongue’, and ‘Black Dogs’ take us to the end of the EP in much the same style as before, with more huge guitar harmonies and vocal goodness. The Soundgarden influence is very obvious, but This Years Ghost are doing their own thing and their music is very much of today. I get the feeling the live show will take things to another level, so lets hope they make it over to Sweden in the not too distant future.

Catch This Years Ghost at any of the following shows:

22 April – London, Fox and Firkin
28 April – Swansea, The Lemon Factory with Dead Dollar Days
29 April – Basingstoke, Sanctuary Live with Dead Dollar Days
30 April – Workington, Lounge 41 with Dead Dollar Days
1 May – Edinburgh, Opium with Dead Dollar Days

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