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Review: Veridian – ‘40826D’ EP

VeridianVeridian, a Reading-based sextet, are rapidly gaining themselves a reputation for amazingly addictive alt-rock. ‘40826D’ certainly goes a long way in solidifying that reputation. This meticulously, and immaculately, constructed EP showcases the band’s unique sound, and definitely packs a punch.

The jewel in the crown of this EP is, without doubt, ‘Headlights’. Lyrically speaking, the song immediately stands out. It stands out not only from the rest of ‘40826D’, but also from a plethora of other songs in this genre that seem to be constructed without any thought, that don’t actually say anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love to listen to some upbeat music and think nothing more of it, but it’s certainly refreshing to listen to an insatiably catchy track that says something rather dark lyrically. It seems to be a song that talks about running away from one’s demons, and what they can make us to do ourselves. The first verse, for instance, details how the light of the morning comes to “shed light on the things we’ve done in the dark of night“, which is an inherently poetic image. Such a lyric then indicates that the evil we associate with darkness is linked with the actions that take place there, and the light of the morning reveals this hell we unleash upon ourselves. It could be viewed as a rather simple lyrical device, but the way it is employed is just so clever, and so effective. It’s just a truly great song. Instrumentally, the track opens very softly, but is swiftly interrupted by the pounding of the kick drum. This building of sound continues into the chorus, where all of the instruments cohesively explode into an insatiably catchy tune. The vocals on ‘Headlights’, as with the rest of the EP, are paradoxically unique, in that they are reminiscent of You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi, or even Young Guns’ Gustav Wood, but have a resonance and power all of their own. Frankly, this song is insane, and you should go and check it out immediately!

‘Sleep A Little Better’ is a song that wholly encompasses the unique sound Veridian has to offer. It takes a much more subdued, harmonious approach than songs like ‘Headlights’ or ‘Follow’. That said, the song’s lyrics and chorus certainly pack one hell of a punch. The softness of the verses wondrously gives way to an addictive instrumental cadence, and it is this rhythmic flow that is what makes Viridian unique. No other band seems to have achieved a mastery in their art in this same way, and it highlights how well each of the band members work and are in tune with each other. ‘Ink’ is perhaps the loudest of the whole EP, but is also the song I found to be the most emotional. Again, the rhythmic flow of each instrument contributes to this. It feels almost as though the instruments flow through your body and strike all of those chords in your heart that you thought you’d forgotten about.

In short, Veridian’s ‘40826D’ showcases a great deal of skill and technique that one doesn’t necessarily expect from such a young band (formed only in 2016!). Each song on the EP is a delight to listen to. The Veridian guys have a strong, unique sound, and I am sure they will go on to do amazing things.


‘40826D’ is available now via Primordial Records, more information here

Review: Amy Jefferies.

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