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Review: Thyrant – ‘What We Left Behind’

ThyrantProving that age ain’t nothing but a number, five Spanish metalheads, all over the age of forty, got together after knowing each other for decades and formed a band, Thyrant. ‘What We Left Behind’ is the fruit of their labour. If ever you needed a story to put a little spring in your step and confirm the long-standing belief that music is for all, then check out these guys on Facebook. The proverbial kids in a candy store…”We are right now recording our first video clip, right today. Expectations are high and we are just happy!. 5 guys over 40, like teenagers attending their first metal show. Just awesome”. How cool is that? When asked about his famous “Hope I die before I get old” line, Roger Daltrey said that he meant “old” as in old mentally, old, as in thinking that you are too old to have fun. Thyrant are living proof that you are never too old to start something new.

Musically, Thyrant are like a well-aimed punch to the solar plexus… death metal style vocals, crushing, heavy doom-laden sounds, with a pinch of prog thrown in. The gradual intro of opener ‘Bury Me’ screams classic metal, while the chugging riffs of ‘E.O.S’ hint at early thrash metal, but without the speed elements. The galloping bass on ‘Bury Me’ is old school Steve Harris, and very, very effective. Not content to play it safe, the band mix it up numerous times during the opening six minutes. Behind the wall of growls, there is quite a groove going on there. ‘Endless Hunt’ continues with the classic metal connection, as the dual guitars will bring vintage Judas Priest to mind… Priest without the high, piercing vocals though. The bass drum action is pulverising throughout the album, ‘Delusion’ being a great example. With an almost tribal drum sound during the intro, it soon settles down into a pounding groove that rattled the fillings from my teeth. The ten minute epic ‘Carving The Throne’ is the standout track on ‘What We Left Behind’. Heavy bass, blood curdling vocals, and a fantastic groove that grows and develops over the course of the ten minutes.

There are many different sounds and genres on the album to consider, with the overall depth and power on display commendable. Good job, guys. The little hearing I had left has now vanished, to be replaced by relentless ringing!  

Available now through Indie Recordings. More information on the official Thyrant Facebook page

Review: Dave Stott

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