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Live Review : Suicide Silence – G2, Glasgow

Upon arrival at the venue (The Garage) I’m met by a sign on the door saying that the show had been downgraded to The Garage’s smaller, sister venue the G2. Which for me was a little disappointing as I’m not the biggest fan of the G2,  just for the way that the venue is laid out. Random poles from floor to ceiling in places where people should be standing as well as actually blocking the view of the stage… but anyway, I was half expecting this to happen due to the recent backlash from some Suicide Silence fans towards the new record. There was an obvious stand made by loyal Mitch Lucker-era Suicide Silence fans, which was a massive shame really. Anyway, I took my place on the barrier and awaited the first band.

First to take to the stage were death metal five-piece, Venom Prison. Bloody hell! is all I can really say! This band have absolutely no idea how to chill. From start to finish, they just absolutely blasted their set – the majority of the time just directly playing into their next song. I was both impressed and unimpressed at the same time. Impressed by their sheer dedication to absolutely smash it and rip through their whole set as they did, but not so impressed with their lack of stage presence and interaction with the crowd. It was almost like they didn’t really care much for being in the position that they were in… on stage supporting death metal titans, Suicide Silence! The lighting was quite strange too, only using half the available lighting rack and the very dull white lighting now and then with blue and red. But, being the opening act, they obviously got the short end of the stick. Despite those little issues, I actually did enjoy their set. They were different, and I really liked seeing a female vocalist absolutely smashing it!

Deez Nuts Suicide SilenceNext up were Deez Nuts. I’m not going to lie, I was super-excited to finally get to see these guys live. This Australian hardcore band with a rap vibe are definitely the chat of the hardcore world. These guys aren’t afraid to express their views in the most explicit and aggressive way possible, which I rate highly! As soon as they appeared on stage, vocalist JJ made his presence felt. Deez Nuts have this extremely laid back, smooth feel to them, but while they’re performing they go hard. Since it was a Tuesday night, it took the Glasgow crowd a bit longer to warm up than most shows. Noticing this, JJ quickly asked, “What day is it? Monday? Tuesday? Tuesday. Do you have work, school tomorrow? Having a chill night, or haven’t you had enough alcohol?”. Not long after that, there was a bit of movement within the G2. There was something about Deez Nuts, other than just being very good live… they were very humble. I loved that you could see they were enjoying themselves and having a bit of banter between themselves on stage. Appreciate the thumbs up from JJ to those on the barrier (myself included), appreciated the recognition! Finishing up their set, JJ introduced their last track, “This song isn’t for all of you wonderful people here tonight or to the person that you care about… this song is to the people you fucking hate! Your mother should’ve swallowed you!” – fan-fucking-tastic! Some of the crowd’s reactions were priceless! Great set, great band!
Suicide SilenceFinally, Suicide Silence took to the stage, unleashing ‘Doris’ on the crowd, and fuck me they went harddd! Quickly jumping into ‘No Pity For A Coward’, which instantly had the crowd going crazy. I hadn’t seen Suicide Silence before this evening. I was expecting the typical death metal stance on stage… y’know, the ‘stand-still-because-their-playing-is-far-too-technical-to-move-around-to’ sort of vibe? Yeah, well Suicide Silence don’t do that! They were fucking nuts, moshing on stage, and a lot of crowd interaction (including Mark and Eddie both making sure that I was having a good time on the barrier and getting me involved).  I loved that they all recognised and treated you like you were an actual person giving you credit for being there for them. Very humble and thankful guys, I respect that! Hearing new material from their new self-titled album in a live setting was so great to witness. I had the pleasure of reviewing the record, and I could tell then that it would be unique in the flesh! Eddie has such a different vibe, which was so refreshing. I loved his style and what he brings to the Suicide Silence table. Brave, confident, and respectful.

Suicide SilenceThe only sour point of this show was unfortunately there were some idiots in the crowd that simply showed up to hate on the band by making stupid noises and sly comments between songs. It’s puzzling that people would pay good money to turn up and abuse a band that are trying something new and keeping our scene alive and kicking. It’s a good thing that Suicide Silence are as hard as nails… it didn’t even phase them! They carried on professionally, not even acknowledging the negativity, as the positivity was far too overpowering! Rock on! For example, the Glasgow crowd are famous for the chant here we, here we, here we fucking go”. Tonight, Suicide Silence collaborated with the crowd by playing a tune alongside, which was fucking ace!!! After showing us a new side to the band, they quickly jumped back into the chaos. ‘Wake Up’ was next. The floor erupted, mosh pits, walls of death, crowd surfing… it’s how I’d imagine purgatory would look like! Finishing their set, Suicide Silence just fucking destroyed the place, smashing up their gear and chucking in into the crowd. Afterwards, they all took the time to come along to the barrier and high-five, get photos, and thank everyone who turned up! Very fucking humbling and smooth! Overall, on the whole night, I had an absolutely amazing time. The support were great, and Suicide Silence were phenomenal. They looked like they had the most amazing time, and they absolutely fucking smash it live. Anyone who didn’t turn up to this show, because of their negativity towards the latest record, severely missed out. Thank you Suicide Silence for keeping it real and showing me a good time! Until the next one, cheers! 10 out of bloody 10!

Review – Carol Black

Images – Dave Jamieson





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