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Review: She Must Burn – She Must Burn EP

She Must Burn are 6 piece symphonic black metal outfit hailing from London, UK. Although She Must Burn have not been a working unit for very long they have grabbed the metal scene by the balls and firmly implied that they are here to stay and be recognised. Releasing their first single, “Eclipse” in 2014 and then getting on the bill with Cradle Of Filth and Heart Of A Coward. Then dropping their second single “Possessed”, to releasing their 6 track self-titled EP and then being signed with Artery Records.. Whirlwind couple of years or what, eh?! So lets dig into this EP.

Track 1. Ascension – What a kick start to a newly released titan! A heavy, melodical and dark instrumental piece of art. Filled with highly technical drum patterns and fills with melodic symphonic rhythms, heavy guitar riffs and a solid bass line. Track 2. Possessed – The second release from this self-titled masterpiece. From the starting seconds you are suddenly drawn in with a symphonic melody alongside drum fills, then suddenly very strong raspy screaming vocals take hold. At a couple points in this track we are treated with very strong and beautiful clean vocals from Aimy Miller. Through this track you’re continuously being given a mix of different sounds, rhythms and tempos. Never a dull moment! I would say this track is my favourite and I think it has been a good choice to use for their second single release.

Track 3. The Misery – An insanely dark feel in this track, with the symphonic melody and black metal drum beats, combined with death metal riffs. A nice change of pace around 2.30 from it being a quick tempo to it slowing down completely then it introduces a heavy, heavy guitar riff, then into a breakdown. All with the help of strong low and high vocals coming from Joseph Sinclair. Track 4. Into The Light – A mellow start to this track, beginning with beautifully played piano alongside gorgeous clean vocals. Exactly half way through this very short track the whole band kicks in, still with a very ambient feel to it, powerful screaming vocals, simple drums mix with slow and emotional guitar sounds, with a bass tone that sets the depth of for this song. I really dug the emotional vibe to this one and I would say this is a close second to being my favorite track.

Track 5. Wish To Exist – From having that little breather in the previous track, Wish To Exists hits hard with black metal blast-beats and powerful metalcore screaming vocals. Not long after these hard hitting sounds kick in, a more clean male vocal sets in, which coexists with the husky screams from Joseph Sinclair. The technicality of this track is super, so many different sounds all in one. A great part of this track is when the melodic guitars kick in, giving the track meaning. Track 6. Eclipse – The first single to be released from this Self-titled EP and this is one of the heavier tracks. Its filled with brutal, raspy screams combined with different time signatures. Black metal blast-beats, with deathcore riffs and breakdowns, with some catchy clean vocals thrown in too. My favourite part to this track was in the dying seconds where everything all rushed in and ended together. The emotion felt in those final seconds was intense.

Overall, I thought this EP was absolutely brilliant. I had my eyes set on these guys when they first came to the scene and wondered what they had to bring to the table, but no way in hell did I expect anything to be this great! You may say that they are a black metal outfit, and to some extent they are, but its like I’ve just experienced a brand new genre of metal. I felt a mash-up of black metal, symphonic metal, deathcore, metalcore and hardcore… I’m honestly struggling to wrap my head around what I have just listened to!

I recommend anyone who enjoys metal, any sub-genre of metal infact, to check this band out. This is the definition of “fresh” right now.

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Review by Carol Black

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