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Review: Pretty Little Enemy – ‘Second Load’ EP

Pretty Little EnemyAny band that calls themselves the “Metal Abba” and uses the hashtag #2BROS2HOES to describe the fact that the band is made up of two female members and two male, has to have a sense of humour. Pretty Little Enemy don’t raise the middle finger to the po-faced tut tut squad, they stick their collective tongues out at them. If the hashtag description offends you, then move along, nothing to see here folks. Besides, the hashtag #2YCHROMOSOME2XCHROMOSOME is a bit shit really. The Somerset foursome succeed where many others have failed by managing to combine riffs, hooks, and melodies into one rather catchy little bundle. Vocalist Louise Body has an infectious vocal style, very much in your face, but refreshingly saccharine free. The perfect example of yin and yang… drink you under the table doing tequila shots, then lie you on your side afterwards. Harley Quinn fronting a band? Maybe, yeah. As for the band; the riffs are never forsaken, and you might hear various influences seeping through. Isolate Georgia Bell’s guitar on ‘Collide’ and you might pick up an Iron Maiden influence, but that could be the fact that everyone from Killswitch Engage to Megadeth has been influenced by Maiden at some point.

The bros in the equation, drummer Ben Dean and bassist Jason Coles sneak in parts of Coheed And Cambria when no-one is looking. Big-ass bass and a deft touch on the drums help make ‘Play By The Rules’ stand out. The guitar breaks from Bell change from a fleeting tapping sound to crunching riffs. Easy to see where her nickname “Chops” comes from. Opener ‘Get A Grip’ has a bite that latches onto your arm and refuses to let go. The combination of heavy music and angst ridden vocals works very well. ‘Collide’ is on the right side of commerciality without watering down the force, and the acoustic break towards the end is a nice touch. Whereas, ‘It’s All Just A Show’ would sound massive blaring out of the speakers, if anyone at Radio One had the balls to play it. Although ‘Second Load’ is only four tracks long, there is plenty on it to suggest that a full length album will raise a few eyebrows.

Available digitally now, more information on Pretty Little Enemy online.

Review: Dave Stott

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