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Review: Inglorious – ‘Inglorious II’

IngloriousThis is the second album from hotly-tipped British rockers Inglorious (hence the cunning album title!), and is set for release on 12th May 2017. It has been highly anticipated by the plethora of fans that the band has amassed since 2014. Inglorious are made up of Nathan James (Vocals), Andreas Eriksson (Lead Guitar), Drew Lowe (Guitar), Colin Parkinson (Bass) and Phil Beaver (Drums). Nathan made a name for himself appearing on reality TV shows and also performing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth. Inspired by 1970s classic rock, the self-titled debut was released in 2016 to much acclaim. Planet Rock got behind the band, and they gained a great deal of air time. They’ve also toured Europe with Winery Dogs, The Dead Daisies, and Steel Panther.

“I Don’t Need Your Loving” starts off with a soulful guitar, before the rest of the band fire in with heavy bass lines that pull you along with thundering drums and singing riffs. Nathan’s vocals seem better than ever, as he delivers this passionate intensity. It is practically impossible not to nod your head and tap your toes to this track, and serves as a great opening track. It gets you in the mood for what is to follow. Nathan has said that he has been inspired by Whitesnake and “Taking The Blame” has that flavour. It rockets along at an incredible speed, with high-pitched vocals, crushing riffs, enough fuzzy bass to keep anyone happy, and powerful drumming. This is a full-on classic rock track that will have massive appeal. “Tell Me Why” comes at a slightly slower pace, with palpable emotion on display from Nathan. The track builds into a funky wall of sound, with loads of distorted bass and skewed riffs. It is easy to see why Inglorious have built the reputation they have.

“Read All About It” will be familiar to any listeners of Planet Rock. It is a catchy, sing-a-long track, that is sure to be anthemic when played live. “Change Is Coming” lulls you in with softer vocals, before kicking it up with a swaggering melody, sustained, bold riffs and a rich bass line. “Making Me Pay” has a bluesy feel. The guitars chug deeply, dispersed with vivid riffs, whilst the drums add texture. This song delivers with the intensity of the playing, and has more space in it than the other tracks. The listener gets to hear, and appreciate, the individual players. The heaviest track, “Hell Or High Water” follows, and sounds more inspired by Iron Maiden. The snarling bass and sneering riffs combine with heavy drumming, all backed up with the screaming vocals. With piercing riffs that highlight the manic drumming and fat bass, “No Good For You” continues in the direction that you have now come to expect from the band. It has many changes in tempo which add texture, I liked the way the vocals weaved in and out of the riffs in the final third of the track. “I Got A Feeling” is full-on swagger with a blues vibe, and shows the band’s versatility. “Black Magic” is longer with a slightly off-beat tempo. “Faraway” is the power ballad of the album. Stripped away, it serves to highlight the quality of Nathan’s vocal talent, underpinned with riffs that sing, fuzzy bass, and a great melody. The finale is “High Class Woman”, which takes you back to those immense songs that Inglorious have built their reputation on. This is another track that you can imagine live, with its catchy tune and lyrics, leaving the audience begging for more of the same.

In summary, this is a more developed and grown up Inglorious, that highlights how much they have grown as a band. There are some real crowd-pleasers here, and it is sure to get loads of play on radio stations up and down the country. This is music that will please a lot of people… catchy, accessible, and powerful.

For more information on Inglorious, head over to the official website

Review: Samantha Lamb

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