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Review: IDestroy – ‘Pure Joy Of Life’ EP

The latest EP from Bristol party punk trio IDestroy is just what the doctor ordered after all the freaky-ass weather of the last few weeks. It’s bright, catchy as hell, and above all… fun. I guess the word “party” in the description of the band kind of gave that away, huh? ‘Pure Joy Of Life’ is five hi-energy tracks that sound amazing cranked up; not so much wake up the neighbours, more like, wake them up and then keep them up. You might have caught bassist Becky Baldwin before, maybe with Dorja, Fury, or (the now disbanded) Triaxis. Her basslines are all over this EP, and it’s a struggle to recall the last time that I heard the bass so high up in the mix. Fury are 100% metal, IDestroy are not. They both kick ass however, and Baldwin is one part of a well-oiled machine. The deft-touch drumming of Jen Haneef and the punk sneer of guitarist/vocalist Bec Jevons complete the makeup of IDestroy, a trio that put the punk back into punk after pop punk took it out. Fun punk like Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex, with a little bit of Shirley Manson attitude thrown in.

Your hard-earned shekels will get you five tracks including the current single ‘Lemons’… ”you got a face like you been sucking on lemons, you ain’t no fun, you ain’t no fun”. Played out over a throbbing bassline from Baldwin, and some delicious vocal harmonies, the guitar chords are simple but effective, and the song does not hang around. The drum sound, as the song steadily builds to its climax, is perfect in setting up the gang vocals that end the song. Not the only highlight of the five tracks featured, but the obvious choice as single. ‘Milkshake Sky’ opens the EP up with some neat backing vocals, before Bec comes in with a snarl or two, very contagious. The title track lives up to its name. Joyous, and full of life, with a lovely balance of snotty attitude and pop harmonies. ‘Alcohol And Vitamins’ is more of an alt-rock sound, and works really well, whereas ‘And You Know’ is fuzzy as fuck. Top work all round, really.

Available now on multiple formats, including a rather snazzy vinyl. More details here.

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