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Review: I The Mighty – Where the Mind Wants To Go

I The MightyI The Mighty have a new album, and boy, was it worth the wait! Entitled ‘Where the Mind Wants To Go/ Where You Let It Go’ it is the third album from the San Francisco quartet. ‘Degenerates’, opens the album with a slow, peaceful riff combined with a layer of background beats and synthetic sounds, creating a dramatic and powerful vibe. The song’s exquisite sound explodes into a variety of riffs, underlying Brent’s lyrics. ‘Pet Names’ opens with unusual, intriguing sounds, bursting into life with a thick musical onslaught. There’s a theme of an obsession with a lost love, and the struggle to move on, Brent’s voice particularly expressive here.

‘Where the Mind Wants To Go’ opens with a joyous and excitable intro, and focuses on the elements of a broken or even problematic relationship that leaves you ‘stuck in contemplation on the interstate‘. This song got me on the verge of breaking, and with Brent’s sudden screaming, the anger and emotion of this type of relationship is laid bare. ‘Symphony of Skin’ has a cheery opening (which contrasts with its lyrical theme), and a thick, loud chorus. I The Mighty slow it down with ‘Sleepwalker’, its riffs having a kind of soothing lullaby effect on me. ‘Escapism’ ramps it back up with a bad-ass riff! The sound is thinner yet heavier to the other songs, and really gets you up and going. The lyrics of ‘111 Winchester’ are that of a stereotypical horror, an appropriate song for this time of year, eh? The theme of a relationship that is at the end of its road retuns with ‘The Sound Of Breathing’, and you can really feel the emotion dripping out through the lyrics. ‘Silver Tongues’ features an incredible duet with Dance Gavin Dance frontman Tilian Pearson, which will captivate fans of both bands. The raw talent on display is almost criminal, as the boys voices work together so well.

Just like ‘ Where the Mind Wants To Go’ rounded off ‘Side One’, so ‘Where You Let It Go’, rounds out the album. The transition from ‘Silver Tongues’ gives it the dramatic effect that the big finale deserves. There’s a strong sense of love and the wonderfully freeing feeling you get once you’ve found ‘the one’: “I don’t ever wanna come up for air”. The combination of lethal musicianship, powerful lyrics, and strong vocal, gives the album the perfect ending. I The Mighty have really shown themselves to be the kings of composition on this masterpiece, with their catchy riffs, upbeat tempos, and exciting intros that keep you wanting more!

Available October 20th. Get more information on the official I The Mighty website.

Review: Nicole Dicker

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