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Review: Greywind – ‘Afterthoughts’

GreywindGreywind have certainly whipped up a storm within the rock community over the past couple of years. Inspired by rock giants Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, and Thrice, it seems only natural that the alt-rock duo should produce songs of the same anthemic quality. The Irish siblings also recently flew out to Texas to record with legendary producer Jason Perry. As a result, and in answer to our prayers, their first full-length album, ‘Afterthoughts‘, is due for release on January 27th via Spinefarm Records.

Greywind boast a trademark ebb and flow in their work which makes it almost hypnotising, and are truly remarkable in their harmonic use of delicacy and power within a single piece. The album’s opening track, ‘Afterthoughts’, is unquestionably representative of this unique attribute. The track draws you in with a delicate, smooth riff, before effortlessly transitioning to striking heavier riffs and bass lines. Vocalist, Steph O’Sullivan’s vocals evolve from being almost muted to a passionate roar with the same ease. This song reeks of a scramble for identity, and the lyrics are both touching and relatable here; “I’m swept onto the rocks, a shipwreck, a mess/I find myself looking for what I have left”.

In typical Greywind fashion, the gravitas of ‘Circle’ undulates gloriously, tantalizing the listener before hitting them like a tsunami with each coming chorus. Lyrical sorrow, prevalent throughout the album, comes to the forefront here. “Our world’s been buried/We wait for the sun” appears to indicate a sense of helplessness, for example, and here, Greywind are reminiscent of a heavier Paramore. Paul O’Sullivan’s playing gives the song an almost sultry, alluring feel.

Of all the tracks on this album, it is ‘Car Spin’ that is the most darkly poetic. A low, gravelly distortion opens the song, and gives way to some piercing, yet melancholy, vocals; “I wake when the car spins/It’s already done/Your lips kiss the pavement/I wake with no one”. Such lyrics confirm the recurring exploration of how one deals with the darkest moments of their lives, which obviously include death, regret, and loss. The car certainly isn’t the only thing spinning in this song either. The idea of a spinning mind is also prevalent, and the instrumental work in the song reflects this. The drumming is impressive. Heavy, and almost cyclical in nature. This, coupled with O’Sullivan’s winding riffs, suck you in before promptly blowing you away at the beginning of each chorus. This one is a heavy hitter, and a firm favourite with me. Whilst much of ‘Afterthoughts’ tends to employ similar verse/chorus dynamics, the perfectly executed breakdowns and instrumental skill make the album an impeccable debut. Set to play their biggest show to date later this month, as well as an appearance at Download Festival, Greywind are going places! This, coupled with a growing reputation for electric live performances, means that if you can snag a ticket to see them in a small venue you probably should, because they certainly won’t be there for much longer!

‘Afterthoughts’ is released on 27th January, and can be pre-ordered through the official Greywind website.

Review: Amy Jefferies


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