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Review: Emmure – ‘Look At Yourself’

Emmure are no newcomers to the metal scene. Forming way back in 2003, they have countless shows and tours under their belts and an impressive discography of seven studio albums. After the recent bust up which resulted in vocalist Frankie Palmeri being the last man standing, it fell upon him to keep Emmure alive and kicking by finding new members to keep the blood pumping! Welcoming new members to the Emmure family, we have Joshua Travis, Phil Lockett and Josh Miller. It’s been a long time coming for this new record to drop. Their last record, ‘Eternal Enemies’, was released back in 2014. Three years is quite enough time to wait for me!

Honestly, Emmure never fail to disappoint with their new material. They’re not just heavy, they write some incredibly catchy heavy riffs that just seem to drag you in and consume you. I’m pleasantly surprised that, although there’s been a massive line up change, they still sound like the Emmure that we all know and love, but in a matured way! With thirteen intensely hardcore tracks, trying to pick a favourite is proving quite difficult, as they are all absolute bangers! The first three tracks to be released as singles from ‘Look At Yourself’ were ‘Torch’, ‘Russian Hotel Aftermath’, and ‘Flag Of The Beast’. Out of those three tracks, ‘Flag Of The Beast’ is my favourite for the sheer beauty of how heavy it is. Like, fuck me, it’s heavy! Overall though, my absolute favourites are ‘Natural Born Killer’ and ‘Shinjuku Masterlord’ along with  ‘Flag Of The Beast’. When I first heard ‘Natural Born Killer’, my face melted! That fucking riff! ‘Shinjuku Masterlord’ just makes me move around… a lot! Frankie’s famous rap style vocal technique makes an appearance here. You can feel how much hate pours from this track, “Do you think I give a fuck?”. Every track from ‘Look At Yourself’ is heavy and powerfully catchy, and Frankie still certainly has a way with his words!

This record rules! I’m so happy that Frankie persevered to keep Emmure alive, to keep the Emmure Cult alive. One thing’s for sure, if things had turned out differently, the metal scene wouldn’t quite be the same. Nowadays, we often see far too many great alternative bands call it quits because it gets too difficult, but not Emmure! What strength. I admire that so much. Emmure still slay. ‘Look At Yourself’ slays!


‘Look At Yourself’ is available now on Sharptone Records via Nuclear Blast.

Review: Carol Black

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