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Review: Dominhate -'Emissaries Of Morning'

Italian Death Metal powerhouse, Dominhate released their crushing debut full length ‘Towards The Light’ in 2014, on the Czech Republic based label, Lavadome Productions, and are back with another dose of aural destruction in the shape of ‘Emissaries Of Morning’, a five track EP that will do more than just blow the cobwebs away.

It’s a full nineteen minutes of extreme Death Metal, packed to the gunnels with dark, devastating rhythms, pummelling drum work, and destructively deep vocal roars that manifest as ground-shaking tremors. It’s also a balanced blend of old school elements and riffs, a nod of homage in the direction of the likes of Morbid Angel and Incantation, but also with a very forward thinking approach to aspects of the composition.

After the atmospheric intro, ‘Saturn Rising’, which consists of a skilled mix of building waves of drone, sonic elements and noise, it’s straight into ‘Awakening Confessiones’, with a pace that varies between rapid and manic, but in such a good way. The crushing riffs and pummelling drums make it heavy as hell, emphasised all the more by devastating slow second half drop, overlaid with dark haunting lead work, before a final crushing onslaught to the close.

Equally crushing, yet interestingly up-tempo, ‘Faith Delirius Imago’ has a superb midpoint shred, briefly dropping away to a slow sinister pace, with protracted growls, before, once again, a final up tempo assault rounds it out.

‘Immolation Carmen Astri’ has a wonderfully dark, slow intro that builds with waves of drum blasts, crescendos of cymbals, and crushing riffing. The element that makes it so listenable, the addictive repeat, carefully combines with strategic sinister drops in tempo, allowing for the full devastating effect of the vocals to be witnessed. Dominhate are the masters of maximum effect.

The sinister six minute finale, ‘Creation Quies Monumenti’ opens on a head nodding, crushing repeat riff, embellished with low rasping vocal gargles and punishing, pummelling drums, and riffs that turn darker as the track progresses, closing on distorted drone and haunting whispers.

If you are a fan of bands like, Incantation, Dead Congregation, old Morbid Angel or Lvcifyre, this should float your proverbial boat!


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