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Review: Davey Suicide – ‘Made From Fire’

After a lengthy legal dispute with a former record label, Davey Suicide have thrown off the shackles and got back to what they do best, produce music with multiple eargasms. The mash up of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson nu-industrial metal, along with a healthy dash of sleaze, will always find a home amongst society’s outcasts, now more than ever, but with Zombie and Manson perhaps moving into the latter half of their respective careers, the time is right for the torch to be passed. Maria Brink is the young pretender to the throne, but In This Moment aren’t the only band bubbling under. September Mourning and Gabriel And The Apocalypse are two other fledgling bands who are successfully marrying theatrics and music. Rammstein are in a league of their own, so let’s leave them there and count down the days until the Paris DVD is released.

Davey Suicide are staking their claim to be included in the upper echelon alongside In This Moment et al, but face paint and stage costumes will only get you so far. Bands need the songs to back up the theatrics. Thankfully, Davey Suicide have used the legal battles to fuel their wrath and have come up with an album that blows away the competition. There’s nothing like a little legal dispute to raise the ante. ‘Made From Fire’ is fairly lengthy, with a running time of close to 50 minutes. I’m always wary of albums that stretch to 14 tracks, as usually the quality dips, but this doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

After a short brooding intro, ‘Rise Above’ gently eases the listener into the album, yeah right! This is fast, pulsating industrial metal with some metalcore thrown in. The vocals are tortured (more Trent Reznor than Manson), the riffs are razor sharp, and the drums and bass crush. ‘Dancing With The Reaper’ has more of a Korn groove going on. The electronic breakdowns propel the song forward into one of my favourites on the album, ‘No Angel’. The short keyboard intro is pure Depeche Mode. Suicide’s vocals are softer and less harsh as he shows a gentler side. ‘Torture Me’ also shows how much Depeche Mode influenced the industrial movement. Listen to the soft vocals of “love the way you torture me” 90 seconds in without thinking of Dave Gahan. Can’t be done. ‘Songs Of Faith And Devotion’ era Dave Gahan… the last Jim Morrison style rock god, simple as that.

William Control pops up to lend a hand on ‘Paralyzed’. Slower and brooding, it’s a dark song which benefits from the difference in vocal styles. Control’s deep Nick Cave style vocals compliment Davey Suicide’s throaty rasp perfectly. Get Control up for some live shows, and I’ll turn a blind eye to the fuckers that record on their phones at gigs. ‘No Place Like Hell’ is a furious mash up of the melodies of classic arena rock and the pounding aspects of modern industrial music. Played live with strobes behind the band, consider those retinas blitzed. ‘Take The Pain Away’ might have been born in America, but it was conceived in Germany. The music echoing Rammstein in all their crushing glory. The electronics are back on the deeply personal title track. Another highlight on the album, it’s a fantastic call to arms from Suicide as he spits out “the world, the world, the world is on fire, we don’t need no water let that motherfucker burn…”. The album ends with ‘End Of The War’, an incredible mix of solemn vocals, spooky background noises, and a simple acoustic guitar. Everything about it screams epic, in particular the towering lead guitar solos that bring the song to it’s soaring climax. 

‘Made From Fire’ is an incredible album that needs to be cranked up to full volume. An angry album, but one that also carries some hope with it. Available now, you can get more information here

Review: Dave Stott

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  1. Absolutely agree. Had the privilege to see them twice on the blood Lust Death Tour. After the first concert I bought all of their cd’s and became an instant fan. Totally a great group of guys that put out a masterful cd. Not to mention they are one of the best bands I’ve seen perform live. I was blown away. And one the last concert I saw before them was the return of the dreads tour featuring Korn, Rob Zombie and In this Moment. Davey, Niko, Derek and Drayven put on a show that goes head to head with these other proven acts.

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