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Review: Courtesans – ‘Better Safe Than Sober’

CourtesansCourtesans, a rapidly growing London quartet, are gaining themselves a reputation for sinfully good rock. Their debut album, ‘1917’, has graced many a lucky listener’s ears as of late. Their new EP ‘Better Safe Than Sober’, due for release later this month, is no different! The EP was also funded entirely by means of a Pledge Music campaign.

The opening track, ‘Mesmerise’, definitely delivers on its eponymous promise. It lulls you into an almost trance-like state before mercilessly blowing you away with each anthemic chorus. These winding, mesmerising verses serve as the perfect platform from which to take in some of the most artful lyrics on the EP; to describe someone as ‘a paragon of jealousy‘, is just inspired. This, coupled with Sinead La Bella’s gritty, yet sultry, vocals give the song a real kick. It serves as the perfect introduction to Courtesans as a band, especially if you haven’t been lucky enough to listen to them before. I can certainly picture a live crowd going crazy for this one!

Following an in depth listen of ‘Mesmerise’ the bar is, as you can imagine, set incredibly high for the rest of the record. Then, out of ‘Knowhere’ Courtesans smash it! ‘Knowhere’, of all the songs on the EP, showcases each member at their absolute best! Sanchez pulls off the dirtiest, and heaviest, riffs and gives the song a real Rob Zombie vibe. The drums pound you in the chest, as hard as your heart is happy. All of this, coupled with a frankly insane bass line, make this the standout track of the EP.

It is almost with sadness that one comes to the final track of the EP, ‘The Tide’. You simply don’t want it all to be over. What is exceedingly interesting about this particular song is the way in which it so flawlessly marries both the Courtesans we have come to know and love, and some progressive new elements to their sound; a truly exciting finish!

Overall, Courtesans’ ‘Better Safe Than Sober’ is astounding. Self-produced and self-released, the EP has the sort of DIY, can-do attitude that seems to be pushing this industry where it needs to go. It deals with a wide variety of themes, from emotional lows and highs, to a humanistic view on mankind, and tackles all of these beautifully. The EP does leave you wondering though – how on Earth are they going to top this?!
‘Better Safe Than Sober’ is available from March 31st. Pledgers have early access.

Review: Amy Jefferies.


‘Better Safe Than Sober’ is available to pre-order online.

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  1. As a pledger I have had this EP for a while, and I agree with everything Amy says above. Not only is it brilliant on first listen, but it gets better and better as you hear it again … and again.

    I have to say, though, that playing live they raise it all to a new level. I was lucky enough to see them in Southampton a couple of days ago and I’m still buzzing. I think they are scheduled to do a more shows over the next few weeks – in Manchester and Brighton as I recall – so if you can get there I seriously recommend going to see them yourself.

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