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Metaprism are a Prog infused Melodic Metal group from the UK. Whilst fairly new to the scene, they’ve already toured with the likes of ‘Sacred Mother Tongue’ and ‘I Am I’. They’ve established an ever growing fan base with their brand of dynamic, catchy yet sophisticated Melodic Metal. The dual-vocal styling’s of female lead Theresa Smith and male counterpart Jut Tabor is executed with masterful precision and effectiveness. In just 14 minutes, Metaprism’s 3 track EP delivers a refined and hugely enjoyable multi-faceted experience.

Opener ‘Even the Lights’ begins by sparking an alluring and strikingly melodic solo. Sterling riffs proceed to lend their presence to the elegant fusion of vocalists Theresa and Jut’s interplay between smooth and refined tones and harsh growls. The latter half of the song is littered with gratifying breakdowns, and the drums keep them in line like a well-oiled machine.

‘Lost in the Dark’ marches forward with the kind of ascending progressive riff Symphony X would gladly steal. The chorus in particular is hugely catchy and the inclusion of male harmonies emphasise Theresa’s graceful delivery perfectly. Jut’s vocals in the verses often echo some kind of frantic schizophrenic bark. It lends the song an especially bountiful energy.

Closing track ‘Against All’ sports the most dynamic riff on the EP. Both melodic and quirky, it becomes an instant crowd pleaser. The chorus is leant a surprisingly atmospheric feel but remains every bit as melodic and catchy as the others. The same beast of a riff which opens proceedings closes this short but sweet 3 song recording in an admirable fashion.

Metaprism have certainly hit the mark here. Everything they’ve set out to do, they’ve succeeded in doing better than most could ever hope. They alternate effortlessly between sweet melody, intense fury and dizzying prog stunts. With this 3 song EP, these Bournemouth based Metallers have only just begun to hone their talents. They’ve proven themselves a highly skilled and tight unit, able to facilitate their ideas, and integrate them to excellent results. But with their debut full length due within the year, who knows what treasures we’re yet to see from this rising force in Metal.

Review by Sam Smart

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