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Interview: Marco Van Der Schans – Chigurh

ChigurhFemale fronted, five piece, Chigurh have just recently released their brand new E.P. “The Struggle”. I caught up with bass player, Marco van der Schans, and asked him about the new E.P. and what’s going on with the band.

Hi Marco, you’ve recently just released your E.P, “The Struggle”. How did the recording process go for you, and are you happy with how it turned out?

“One of the reasons why the EP is called “The Struggle” is because it took almost two and a half years to record and mix the damn thing! Our goal was to release it in the fall of 2016. We had some line-up changes, and of course we needed extra money to finance it, but after all the struggle, we are very pleased and satisfied with the final result!!! Thanks to Patrick van Delft (producer) and Jeroen Bouweriks (cover artist) who made it happen for us!!!”

Has the E.P been well received so far? I noticed you guys made it onto a Time To Rock Heavyrock Radioshow playlist, and also Hard Rock Hell Radio. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“All reactions and reviews are very positive so far! There are several reviews on the way by some Dutch, German, and American magazines. The radio shows came along thanks to Into The Limelight records, and of course, Facebook.”

Are there any of the new tracks you’re particularly excited to play live?

“The four songs on the EP are quite old, and so we have been playing them live for a while now, but as we speak, we’re very busy writing new material!”

How did the artwork for the E.P come about, and who came up with the idea?

“An old friend of mine (Jeroen Bouweriks as I mentioned earlier) did the artwork. His idea was to project some topics of our lyrics in images on the handmade paper skull, but in the end we all liked the plain skull the most for the cover.”

For someone who hasn’t heard Chigurh before, how would you describe your music?

“We’re a heavy groovin’ female fronted metal band with some thrash, rock and funk influences. Old school meets New school, I think. We all listen to different kinds of music, and we all have our individual influences, which we melt together in the mixing pot called CHIGURH!!!”

What are Chigurh’s plans for the future now that the E.P is out? You say you’re writing new material… can we expect an album soon?

“This fall we’re going to start recording old and new songs which will appear on our full length album that hopefully will come out late 2018.”

You started Chigurh in late 2012. Can you tell us a bit about how it all came together? It looks like you’ve had a pretty stable line-up since you started out. What do you think the secret of keeping a band together is?

“Eddy and I have known each other for a long time, and we played together in a cover band, but that wasn’t our thing, so we started to write our own material in Eddy’s attic. After completing several songs, we started to recruit some musicians. We asked Arjan van Beurden, a friend and old bandmate of mine, on drums and Rob Tabbers on rhythm guitar to join the band. To find the perfect singer took some more effort, but after a year or so, we found Frederique de Beer, so the band was complete. After a couple of years, Rob decided to leave the band, so we decided to go on as a quartet. After some gigs, we really missed the addition and power of the second guitar in most of the songs, so we started to look for a new guitarist. Berry de Klein teamed up about a year ago. At the end of 2016, Arjan also decided to leave the band, but we were determined to go on. After a couple of auditions, Ramón van Hamond became the man behind the drumkit, and Chigurh is going strong again!! The main reason why we are a quite stable band is that we all are down to earth people without ego issues and shit. Music is our main hobby, and we all love playing and listening to music made from the heart!”

ChigurhChigurh is an unusual name. How did you come up with it? What does it mean?

“Chigurh is the last name of the psychopatic assassin in the movie No Country For Old Men. While watching this killer movie for the fifth time, during a scene with Woody Harrelson pronouncing the name Chigurh with a Texan accent, I was convinced this would be a cool and unusual name for a metal band!”

Awesome. I noticed you have some gigs in Holland coming up. Are there any plans for you to play elsewhere in Europe?

“We can’t wait to play some cool venues and festivals in Holland, and of course abroad. Germany, UK, and Belgium would be cool, so we hope that the right people will pick us up for more cool gigs!”

What do you think has been the best live gig for you guys so far?

“One of the coolest gigs was Wollukstock 2014, an open air fesival in Waalwijk, Holland, especially because my son played one song with us on guitar, being a 13 year-old metal-head at the time. Each gig and performance we try to make it as fun and memorable as possible.”

If you could play an opening slot at any festival, which would it be and what other bands would you like to be on the bill?

“Nowadays, there are a lot of cool festivals with loads of great bands that we like, so it doesn’t really matter to us which festival we can play, as long as there is a relaxed atmosphere and things are well arranged for each band.”

Thanks for your time I appreciate it. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Devil’s Gate Media?

“Stay Metal, and support your local bands!!! \m/”

More information on Chigurh over on Facebook, where you can also purchase ‘The Struggle’.

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