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Interview: An Introduction To VELVETBOMB

VELVETBOMBRecently I had the pleasure of discovering Glaswegian duo VELVETBOMB live for the first time. The meaty filling in an otherwise lightweight sandwich, they turned up the decibels as they set about proving to the front row why they really should have worn ear protection if they were foolhardy enough to stand in front of the band going full pelt. Here’s the lowdown on VELVETBOMB.

So, who are the members of VELVETBOMB, and who plays what?

“Rob – vocals & guitar
Dac – drums”

How did you meet, and how long have you been playing together?

“We’ve been playing together for 2 1/2 years. It was a lucky meet by chance in the 13th Note pub.”

Have VELVETBOMB always been a duo, and if so, what is it about being a duo that is so appealing?

“Yes we’ve always been a duo. The whole vibe seems really natural – our sound fills the environment we’re in and if you see us live, the decibel level gets cranked to the max. Also, it would be hard to find another member that would fit into the dynamic of what we are doing, either musically or personality wise.”

How would you describe the band to someone interested in checking you out?

“If you like good rock music with strong vocals, cool lyrics, pounding drums, and high octane riffs, then go out and find us. We like to put on a show with our live performance, so come check us out.”

What about influences both from the past and present day? Anyone out there now that make you sit up and listen?

“Definitely Black Sabbath, The Cult, Monster Magnet, and Soundgarden, A current day act we like is a Swedish band called Graveyard.”

The name VELVETBOMB is very descriptive, something soft that causes mass destruction. Was that the thinking behind the name, or was it just that it sounds cool?

“It’s a cool name, but also describes us perfectly. We have our heavier electric songs, but also our softer acoustic songs. Sometimes the songs have both a softer edge mixed with a good heavier side as well.”

What was your first gig as a band like?


How much time and money is involved in putting out your own vinyl?

“Lots of time and even lots more money! It’s worth it though. We’re not interested in downloads/Spotify and stuff like that. Vinyl is what we listen to and what we’re into.”

Any gigs or new music on the horizon?

“Yeah, we’ve a new heavyweight white 7″ single that will be coming out soon, and we’ll follow that up with a few gigs to promote it.”

What’s the best way for someone to check out VELVETBOMB?

“The usual platforms on social media, but if you are liking the tunes, then get along to a live gig.”

Check out the VELVETBOMB website, or Facebook.

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