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Interview: Danny Core From Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels King KingOn the eve of the opening gig of this years Planet Rock Roadstars Tour, we grabbed five minutes with Danny Core, vocalist with co-headliners Broken Witt Rebels. Opening question was an obvious one…

We have to begin by offering our congratulations on winning the Best Rock Act at the Unsigned Music Awards! That must have been a hell of a night. Were you nervous waiting on the award being announced?

“Thank you very much. It was a great night, and we had a lot of fun… even more so when we finally got announced as winners. We weren’t nervous, more frustrated, because we never won more! [haha].”

What does winning an award like this mean to a ‘fledgling band’ like Broken Witt Rebels? Were you schmoozed by an array of record label suits after winning, and are you fed up with people asking when the album will be coming out?!

“It means a lot to us for us. It felt like this is just the start. Receiving the award made us reflect on the the hard work we have, and will always, put in, and that was nice and humbling. In all honesty, we were shmoozed long before the UMA, and have learned the hard way on who to trust, and go forth with, and after, it was just more of the same. We do get the question about the album out a lot, and it is a fair, relevant question, and all we can say is, ‘We are ready, and we have more than enough material ready to go, it’s just when the powers that be get a move on, we will announce more news about album.”

You’ve been out on the road with some cracking artists; Whiskey Myers, King King, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and Kaleo spring to mind. Every show must have been an invaluable experience?  

“It sure was. We have had the honour to share the stage with these great artists, and I can honestly say we learnt so much from each of them. For that, we will be forever grateful.”

Whiskey Myers was especially a great partnership. Those boys like a drink or two! Did you teach them any bad habits?!

“[Haha] They are a lot of fun, and a incredible band. We were always messing about with them. I think they were scared of my accent and just nodded when I said something! All their team were great, as well! Very helpful! Absolutely no divas in that band… and we have seen a few divas in our time!”

You’re now about to go out on the Planet Rock Roadstars Tour with co-headliners Bad Touch. Is it going to be straight forward rotation each night, or will Broken Witt Rebels close in Birmingham, for instance?

“Yeah we’re looking forward to it! It won’t be a straight forward rotate, as in each night swap, but we will definitely be closing Birmingham.”

Rivalry between bands is a healthy thing, in my opinion. There’s the urban myth regarding the time that Jerry Lee Lewis tossed a coin with Chuck Berry about who was closing a gig. He lost, so after his set finished, he set fire to his piano, and said to Berry, “Follow that!”. You guys don’t have a piano, do you?

“[Haha] They are a very friendly, and a good band. I’m sure they will want to bring it, and good on them. I look at myself as the NightWolf and I don’t concern myself too much with actions or opinions of sheep. We run in our own pack and stay strong… never hungry.”

There is a fair amount of incredible facial hair between the two bands. At least some of the guys can exchange tips on getting the ‘taches twirly!

“Yeah, I’m sure they will, and I won’t bother in engaging in that conversation! For one, I’ve only started growing hairs under my armpits, never mind my fuckin’ face! [Haha] And secondly, I would rather have a bath than talk about that shite!”

New song ‘Bang Bang’ is an absolute belter, possibly the heaviest track that I’ve heard from you. Is that a song born on the road?

“Thank you, and it was born in frustration and anger, in honesty. I hope the person/persons know that.”

It’s also another one to get the pigeon-holers scratching their heads, as they scramble to fit the band into one genre…

“Again, thanks! being pigeonholed to one specific genre/style is a nightmare for me. I think it’s important to break out the box and dip your toes. As long as it maintains the Broken Witt Rebels stamp of approval, were happy.”

What other new ones can we expect to hear on the tour?

“A lot more! You’ll have to come to find out.” [winks]

Britain and Ireland was always known as a hotbed of powerful, passionate male vocalists; Steve Marriott, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison, Paul Rodgers, to name a few. After losing ground to the Americans, things are starting to turn back in the UK’s favour. There’s a hell of a lot of young male vocalists breaking though; Phil Campbell from The Temperance Movement, Stevie Westwood from Bad Touch, and yourself being  just a few great examples. Is it our turn again?

“Yeah, why not! We are the greatest country in the world, and have arguably produced the greatest bands/artists of all time. I’m honoured to be even mentioned along side some of the artists you listed.”

What is your earliest musical memory? What was the very first Broken Witt Rebels gig like?

“My earliest musical memory is my brother having a guitar for Christmas and teaching himself Oasis and Verve songs from tab books. When he used to go out, or got bored of playing it, I would be obsessed with learning… until my mum bought me one from the catalogue. Probably still paying the fucker off ! [haha]”


Haha! Hopefully not. Perhaps you could clear that debt after the album goes platinum? Enjoy the tour Danny, and thanks for your time!


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