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Interview: Daniel Seekings From Bad Touch

Bad Touch
by Rob Blackham

The Planet Rock Roadstars Tour has just commenced, and we caught up with Daniel from co-headliners Bad Touch for a quick chat.

Hi there Daniel, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. The Planet Rock Roadstars Tour is looming on the horizon. How are preparations coming along? And how is new lead guitarist Harry Slater settling in? I believe that he is only 20, but by Christ he can play! 

“Hey, yeah, preparations have been great! It’s been busy and hard work, but we’re all really happy and now just can’t wait to get out on the road. Harry? Yeah, the kid really can play! He’s fitted into the band really well. He’s so easy to work with, and I can’t wait to get him out on tour.”

Out-going lead guitarist, Rob Glendinning, actually suggested Harry as his successor. How did that come about?

“Rob spoke to us about moving on with a different direction in his life, which led to his departure, but we knew it was coming, so we were on the lookout for a new guitarist. We tried out a few guys, but Harry was the one. We had seen a couple videos of him beforehand, and Rob said how great he was, and that he was the one to go for.”

Have you worked out the nitty gritty with co-headliners Broken Witt Rebels about who closes where? I’d imagine that you would close in Norwich, while they would close in Birmingham?

“Yeah, we’re just taking it in turns each night. We are switching it around a bit so that both bands can headline their hometown.”

How vital are these type of tours in getting “new” bands in front of a crowd? Two cracking bands for £14? Bargain!

“It’s great for us and for lots of new bands. Just the opportunity to play in front of anyone means the world to us, so for us to go out on a co-headline with another great band is just amazing!”

You’ve also been out with some amazing headlining acts. In particular, there seemed to be a real connection with The Kentucky Headhunters?

“We’ve been so fortunate to play with so many great bands, but yeah, the Headhunters were incredible. They are the greatest bunch of people, so welcoming, and taught us so much in such a short period of time. It was one of the best times of my life on the road with those guys.”

Inspiring to watch them night after night?

“We loved it. They really opened our eyes, and I really believe we’ve become a better band from touring with them. I would tour with them again anytime.”

The Black Crowes, up to ‘By Your Side’, or the long and winding Grateful Dead jams of everything after it? In my opinion, ‘By Your Side’ is a belter and the fact that the band disowned it still rankles me to this day!

“By Your Side’ is one of my favourite Black Crowes albums. The chemistry and feel is superb. It sounds amazing!”

The cover for your most recent album, ‘Truth Be Told’ looks amazing on vinyl. Who designed it, and was it designed with vinyl in mind?

“Thank You! I designed it… and partly, yeah. I knew we were gonna get vinyl, and I love vinyl so much, so I do think it played a big part in the design process. I love the whole retro look which I think worked for the album cover.”

There is some amazing facial hair in both Bad Touch and Broken Witt Rebels. Can we expect some serious discussions about care products over a drink after the gig?

“[Haha] Indeed there is, and I’m sure there will be, but I think I’ll leave that down to Stevie and Luke [haha]”

After the tour ends, you have some time off before a few festival appearances during the Summer, ‘Wildfire Festival’ and ‘Summertime Festival’ in Warrington amongst others. It’s shaping up to be a pretty tasty summer!

“Yeah, I can’t wait. We’ve so so much great stuff coming up and in the pipeline. I love being on the out on the road, and playing live really is what it’s all about!”

You also have a few dates with Dan Baird to look forward too. Big Georgia Satellites fans at all?

“Yeah, we do, and we’re really looking forward to them. I don’t know a huge amount of their stuff but what I do know, I like!”

Well, enjoy the tour, and thanks for your time!

Interview: Dave Stott

Planet Rock Roadstars tour dates available on Facebook 


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