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Devilskin unveil new video, ‘Believe In Me’

Devilskin - Be Like The RiverFollowing an epic debut appearance at Download 2017  in a rammed tent, Devilskin proudly unveil the brand new video for the swaggering ‘Believe in Me’.
The ‘Believe in Me’ video was filmed while the New Zealand band were in the UK for Download, following a tour with Airbourne. This hard hitting love song is taken from their new album Be Like the River, recently included in Metal Hammer’s Best Albums of 2017
so far list.
“We had spent months looking for a director when myself and Nail stumbled across Shae Stirling at an awards night. Three seconds of looking at his previous work was all we needed to know he was our guy. A month later we are shooting it at the beautiful Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire. With incredible grounds, it really was the perfect location for this video. Grand and foreboding. It features the band in acting roles as well as performing. We had a lot of fun with it.” explains Devilskin’s Paul
The band even scared the locals during the shoot, “The location was open to the public so there were quite a few older folks walking their dogs and grandchildren around the forest we were shooting in. Nail and I were in full monster/demon makeup and body paint. We frightened a few locals but not as much as poor precocious six year old, Poppy, who screamed the forest down from the moment she saw us. She wouldn’t move so her mother asked us to sneak up behind her and scare her out of the park.”
History recently repeated itself for Devilskin as their new album ‘Be Like The River’ entered their domestic album chart at #1 on week of release. Just 18 months ago, their debut album ‘We Rise’ spent 3 weeks in the pole position. This is unprecedented in rock music in New Zealand, and is a testament to the excellence of Devilskin’s brilliant second studio album ‘Be Like The River’.
Devilskin have established themselves as a household name in their native New Zealand. Formed in Hamilton in 2010, this four piece rock band are bonded by blood. Paul (bass) and Nic (drums) are father and son, Jennie (vocals) is Nics’ Aunt and Paul’s sister in law, Nail (guitar) is Paul’s evil twin.
Devilskin are writing their next album as we speak and  “…hope to be recording in Jan/Feb and then get out and tour the world some more!
Finally,  the band want to say “Thanks to the friends we have made on our UK tours who keep coming back for more. We are having the time of our lives and we’ll see you guys again real soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the video!
Musically twisted and possessed, the fearsome and irresistible, Devilskin are set to conquer the world.
“I see no reason why not to give Be Like the River full marks” 
10 out 10
Devilskin are coming all the way to our hemisphere and beyond, so watch out for them conquering a continent near you soon’ 
‘Devilshly Good’
Devilskin have conquered their home territory New Zealand. Now it’s the rest of the world’s turn to surrender’ 
Be Like The River is available on CD  and vinyl.

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