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Interview With ZOAX

While Siôn got ready to photograph Allusondrugs on the main stage of Hit The Deck Festival, Katie was at the Fleece, catching Zoax. After an incredible set, to a packed venue, Katie grabbed a few words with Adam and Doug… How’s it going guys?! Adam “GREEEEAT!” Doug “Terrible….. No I’m …

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After a relentless year, releasing ‘The Amanuensis’, playing numerous American and European tours, as well as playing Soundwave Festival 2015, we managed to catch up with Mike and Olly from Monuments whilst on their current tour with Karnivool. Here’s what they had to say…. Hey guys, how’s it going? “Good …

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Southern Front Interview

After recently reviewing ‘Death Throes’, the second full-length offering from Texan metallers Southern Front, our Cassandra had a few questions… so she asked them! Who would you consider to be the main influence on you, or the reason you picked up your chosen instrument? Jon:    “Miles Davis” Eric:    …

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